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Kayson Quek

Kayson is a licensed TCM Practitioner and NZRA certified Acupuncturist with 4 years of clinical experience in Malaysia. Following his 1st class honors qualifications, he developed clinical experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders. To effectively address pain syndromes, Kayson applies a combination of acupuncture, cupping and manual therapy. His manual therapy (known as Tai Ji structural restoration) is a gentle and painless method that relaxes skin, fascia and muscles. If needed, herbal medicine will be recommended. He can converse with clients in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien & Malay.

Kayson 是一名马来西亚注册中医师及新西兰NZRA认证针灸师,荣获一级荣誉学士学位,基本功扎实,经数年临床上对治疗肌肉、骨骼类疾病的专攻,技艺娴熟。他注重于通过针灸、拔罐与手法相结合的方法来提高治疗痛证的疗效。他的治疗特色是利用 “太极整骨技术 ”,轻巧且无痛的将皮肤、筋膜及肌肉自然归位,达到松解效果。对于一些特殊患者,他会建议他们利用中药辅助治疗。他能用熟练的中文普通话、英文、广东话、福建话及马来语与客户沟通。

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